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SEI offers niche IT, Cyber-Security, Information Assurance, and education/training services to combat today’s risks, threats, and vulnerabilities commonly found in IT infrastructures.  Our unique approach to performing risk identification, risk mitigation, and compliance services allows us to forge business alliances with regional and national companies seeking high-end, security risk assessments and Cyber-Security professional services.  In addition, SEI’s education and training commitment has fostered multiple Cyber-Security and Information Assurance workforce development eco-systems providing students and adult learners with career advancement and career changes into the world of Information Systems Security.

SEI is proud to be in teaming agreements and business alliances with the following organizations:

Alanna Consulting Group, LLC

SEI partners with Alanna Consulting Group providing high-end strategic master plans, IT security, information assurance, Cyber-Security, and PCI DSS compliance services around the world. 

Alanna Consulting Group is a diverse, full project life cycle consulting firm devoted exclusively to providing advanced Information Technology (IT) solutions to the transportation industry. Founded by expert business and IT professionals, Alanna Consulting Group is experienced in technology planning, design and implementation.

Together, Alanna Consulting Group and SEI offers consulting services ranging from needs analysis, information technology strategic/master planning, systems design, procurements (RFPs & RFQs), security risk assessments, and implementation assistance.

Arête Healthcare Services, LLC

SEI partners with Arête Healthcare Services providing HIPAA & Hi-Tech Act compliance services for Arête’s electronic health records, practice management, and billing & collection revenue clients.  Maintaining HIPAA compliance is a pre-requisite for practice providers seeking and obtaining Meaningful Use Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 grant funds from the Center for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS).  Today, practice providers and healthcare clinics must be 100% HIPAA compliant in order to obtain and receive Meaningful Use Stage 1 – 3 grant funds.

SEI’s HIPAA compliance audits and assessments include a complete, HIPAA Security & Privacy audit, gap analysis, gap remediation, and workforce HIPAA security awareness training program.  This HIPAA security awareness training program provides a complete review of the practice provider’s 26 HIPAA Security policies & procedures, and 7 HIPAA Privacy policies and procedures.  In addition, practice providers must have the necessary HIPAA business plans and documents which are provided by Arête’s hosted, ASP/SaaS delivery solution.

Black Box Network Services

SEI partners with Black Box providing high-end, information technology, IT security, and compliance audits and assessments for both public and private sector clients.  SEI previously acted as the Information Security Practice Leader for Black Box during the rapid convergence of Voice and Data communications led by VoIP and SIP-enabled communications.  As large enterprises embraced VoIP and convergence, the need for extending security and compliance requirements to cover IP telephony and SIP-enabled communications was born. 

SEI currently works with Black Box’s private and public sector organizations providing high-end, IT security, information assurance, and compliance consulting services nationwide.

Jones & Bartlett Learning

SEI was hired by Jones & Bartlett Learning in 2008 to design and architect the ISSA curriculum’s textbooks, courseware (on-ground and on-line), and 130 experiential learning hands-on labs.  SEI acted as the lead technical designer, technical reviewer, and was responsible for hiring Cyber-Security and Information Assurance subject matter experts acting as both Technical Editors and Quality Assurance reviewers.

SEI currently resells and markets Adult Continuing Education and Professional Certification Readiness workshops providing graduating students and IT professionals with an entree into Cyber-Security, Information Assurance, and new career path opportunities. Solving the USA’s number 1 business challenge requires educating, training, and certifying Cyber-Security Warriors to join the private and public sector workforce. This demand for Cyber-Security Warriors has never been greater than right now. 

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Technology Management Corporation

SEI partners with Technology Management Corporation (TMC), a 100% Women-Owned Business located in Sherwood, MN on various information technology, telecommunications, and IT security risk assessment projects throughout the country.

TMC’s commitment to technology excellence and unique ability to find CAPEX and OPEX cost reductions in traditional IT and telecommunication budgets are what they do best.  SEI has partnered with TMC on various projects for the MSP International Airport’s Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC).  SEI provided IT security, PCI DSS compliance gap remediation, security incident response planning, IP data networking, enterprise network management, and business impact analysis services for the MAC.

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